Dining & Bar

Dining & Bar

While you’ll be staying at our hotel, you will be able to enjoy our exquisite food menu available both at our restaurant and a summer terrace, just as well as order menu items upstairs, as a part of our room service.

Great choice of food & drink

We have typical local dishes such as yota (Istrian Stew), goulash, Bovec potatoes with cottage cheese, farm dish, Bovec sheep’s cheese, as well as other dishes such as pizzas, pasta or lasagna, and first-class sweets prepared by an experienced chef.

Our pizzeria is famous for its excellent pizzas made from the hands of Neapolitan Pizzaiolo in a bread oven from verified ingredients only.

On par with our restaurant, we also have a lobby bar, which features an extensive Beverages, Spirits and Wines…

Try not to get tangled within dozens of miscellaneous cocktails, alcoholic drinks and different wines that we have there!