Log pod Mangartom

The land of a hundred waterfalls

Leaving the Predel pass behind and approaching the village of Strmec, the mighty mountains of Mangart, Jalovec and Loška Stena will appear before you, at the foot of which one of the most beautiful Alpine villages is hiding, namely Log pod Mangartom.

The waters, which start here on their way to the Mediterranean, become the valley of a hundred waterfalls when it rains. In winter, these waters are covered by ice, which the shy sun cannot reach, to the delight of ice climbers.

Loški slapovi (the Loški waterfalls) are not visible at all; hiding in gloomy gorges and under overhanging walls. Marked paths lead to the waterfalls in Loška Koritnica and Predilnica, above the Fratarce Canyon, to the Nemčlje Gorge in the Možnica Valley, and on to Kluže Fortress.

In the Rhythm of Nature

Under the peaks of Mangart, Jalovec, Loška Stena, Veliki Vrh (Rombon) and Jerebice, which surround the  valley in a circle, numerous protected animal and plant species can be found. The habitat of the chamois and alpine goat is here, and we can spot the marmot, or the mountain eagle and lone tree; Mangart offers one of the few nesting places for the said birds. We might even cross paths with a black (mountain) salamander, viper or adder…

The wild rooster, grouse, partridge and deer live in the lower parts of the mountain. In the summer months, on the spacious mountain pastures under Mangart, the autochthonous Bovec sheep, the Drežnik-Bovec goat (dairy type) and Jezersko-Solčava sheep are sometimes descending from the north side of the mountain.

The grassy plains in the high mountains are the most beautiful at the beginning of July, when the mountain flowers glow in an explosion of a thousand stunning colours, like fireworks. Because of these characteristics, the valley with its surroundings belongs to the protected area of Triglav National Park.

An Active Break

In the beautiful mountainous surroundings of Log pod Mangrtom, Strmec and Predel, you can experience a series of adventures in one place.

You can spend your active holidays walking and rambling in the valley, hiking and mountaineering on numerous protected high mountain paths, or climbing at various climbing spots. Fans of adrenaline sports can feed their passion with some wild canyoning at Fraterce or Predilnica, kayaking down the Koritnica river rapids from Kluže fortress, or paragliding and sharing the sky with the birds …

Explore the surroundings by bicycle. The Mangart road, the highest paved road in Slovenia, is a unique challenge, and there is no true cyclist without the energy up their sleeve for a royal ascent.

Cool off under one of the waterfalls or by having a dip in the Gorejec natural pool. Test your bravery and resolve with friends or family at the adventure park (pustolovski park); make the most of a sunny day by having a picnic, taking photos of the landscape or playing some sport at the sports ground; and you can also explore the surroundings with a tourist guide.

At the Treshold of History

The ancient Roman Ogle to Norik path led over the Predel pass, Napolean’s soldiers marched through the valley, and the direct surroundings of the Izonso front in WWI were also here.

Nowadays, St. Stephen’s Church, with frescoes from Ivan Grohar and a Madonna statue from 1490, is worth a look. There is a military cemetary and monument to fallen heroes, in memory of the World War I. The chapel of St. Barbara commemorates the former miners of this area (St. Barbara being the patron saint of miners), as does the closed entrance to the Štoln mine, with outdoor exhibition.

The Path of Peace from the Alps to the Adriatic begins here.

The Predel and Kluže fortresses, which guard the entrance to the valley, also both illustrate the past of this area.

The tough land here made life hard for the inhabitants; a high price for beauty, which obscured the harshness of nature, indeed the history of the place is marked by various fateful natural disasters: fires, earthquakes, floods, and the landslide of the year 2000.

A Winter Fairytale

The white paradise under Mangart will most certainly not leave you underwhelmed.

You will find the well-maintained ski resort of Encijan in a sunny spot there, which is especially popular among families and beginners, and is suitable for one’s first steps on the snow and learning how to do turns. In the immediate vicinity there are several cross-country tracks, so you can supplement your day on the snow with some cross-country skiing.

Walks and snowshoeing in the valley of Loška Koritnica and Možnica offer the opportunity to explore the winter landscape. Ice covered waterfalls give climbers the opportunity for a fantastic experience. With a guide, you can go off into the surroundings and do some off-piste skiing.

On the Mangartska cesta toboggan run, under the gleam of mist and lights, sledges speed into the peaceful winter night. Of an evening you can pour over the day’s events while sitting by the warm fireplace of your host.

Become a part of the winter fairytale!


We should be respectful in the highland world

We should be quiet, so as not to disturb the animals. Mountain flowers are the most beautiful where they grow, and so they should stay there! Park on the designated carparks and stay on the marked paths, closing gates behind you. Take your rubbish home with you, and keep your dog on a lead.

Get acquainted with history, attune to the rhythm of this place, which is as old as life itself, and to natural beauty, culinary experiences and the healthy lifestyle to be found here.